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Prox Centauri reaches out to his awesome fans

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Tonight’s featured artist is Prox Centauri

Two crazy good treats for you guys in one day! This morning I published a Crystallized Beats podcast episode featuring Prince Po and now we have Prox Centauri. This dude is good man, real good.

Michigan Producer turned MC, Prox is about to surge onto the scene. I can’t believe that this guy isn’t like FAMOUS FAMOUS. He hit me up on the blog and I am so glad that he did. I love discovering new music.

“Music has been an ever-present fixture in my life and because of that, I know how powerful it can be. I always thought “if I only reach one person, my job is done!”

Prox definitely knows that he is about to blow up. When I asked him who he would like to collaborate with, he named all big names. And he could do it!

Prox Centauri – The Music

I wanted to just jump right into blowing your mind. How INCREDIBLE is this track? I heard it and within seconds I was like holy shit who is this?! I’m listening right now and having a hard time typing, because I can’t stop dancing. I am loving it.

wutang tattoo

The dudes that he collaborates with are amazing too!

Really? Really? I am stupid impressed right now. In case you can’t tell. This guy is it right now. “Hedonism” has that old school vibey hardness and softness combined. And bars on bars on bars! Every verse is insane. The super fast cadence and the slow, melodic R&B instrumental is so smooth. It just sounds right.

“Regalia” is dope. Regalia is the name for excess. It’s the clothes and jewelry that people wear in order to let you know they live lavish. It’s the perfect word for this song. The smooth Jazz, the beat and the lyrics are just lush. They drip luxury.

The Future

If this kid isn’t famous by the time I post this article, I’ll be shocked. His music is ready to go. And clearly, so is he. Let’s get him there people, because he’s a rare Rap specimen. His future in Hip hop is BRIGHT AF.



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