What’s up with Pharoahe Monch? Find out now!

pharoahe monch

What’s up with Pharoahe Monch?

Hey guys what’s up? I have been on an Organized Konfusion kick lately… so today we are going to talk about the prodigious Pharoahe Monch. Pharoahe is another Icon that needs no introduction. The man’s style is straight FIRE and anyone that samples from Gozilla VS Mothra certainly has my attention. I mean, I named my bearded dragon GlugZilla so ya, I’m a pretty big Godzilla fan…


Pharoahe Monch started out his prolific rap career as a part of the Hip hop duo Organized Konfusion with Prince Poetry. Organized Konfusion are best known for being colossal lyricists and they were heavily involved in the production of their albums. Although they were an incredible duo, they broke up and went their separate ways in 1997.

The King of collabs

Pharoahe Monch has released several solo albums. And each of them has been dope AF. However, he is definitely a collab King. He has made collaborating with others his bread and butter and damn, he’s good. Which has made him a highly sought after artist.

He is also a member of the rap/ rock group called “th1rt3en”. They have collaborated with Cypress Hill and released their album “A Magnificent Day for an Exorcism” in 2021.

The music

Let’s start off with a track off of “A Magnificent day for an Exorcism”. This group is a truly interesting match up and the track “Fight” features Cypress Hill… what could be better than that?!

“Pharoahe Monch is like an eloquent linguistics professor moonlighting as a rhyme serial killer terrorist, challenging the listeners’ I.Q. while daring him or her to keep up.”

As expected, Pharoahe’s lyrics are poignant and his flow is so complex. He is definitely one of the most amazing lyricists to ever pick up a microphone. And let’s talk about the guitar solo here… I mean really? Speaking of complex! This guitar solo is an audio mosaic.

“Simon Says” has to be Pharoahe’s most known track. This track samples “Godzilla VS Mothra(yes, that’s a link to the original movie and it’s free on YouTube… you’re welcome 🙂 ) as I mentioned. He actually had some trouble after sampling the movie.

This track reminds me of riding around with my girls in the early 00’s, smoking blunts, kicking ass and taking names. It’s a powerful track. Pharoahe’s bars appeal to the masses. This track actually ranked 97 on Billboard.

So what’s he up to now?

I’m delighted to say that Pharoahe is still touring and he’s ripping shit up!

A quick peek at his Instagram and something sticks right out. The man sure likes his action figures.

That’s a pretty sweet collection!

He is still creating collabs and his style and lyrics are just as elaborate and tangled today. Listening to a Pharoahe track is like listening to someone narrate beautifully chaotic poetry over dope beats and it makes so much sense.

He is part of the content development program at NYU Tisch. That’s one course that I HAVE to check out.

“There’s nothing that gives you more of a feeling of completion and purpose than giving back the lessons that you’ve acquired. I’ve been asking the universe for ways to give, and I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity.”

He is touring the West Coast this Summer (they’re always touring the West Coast when I’m in Boston). I’m waiting to hear about him coming around here so I can finally witness the insidious linguistics first hand. I’ll update when he’s coming around the East Coast.

Where to find him

Make sure that you follow him on SPOTIFY YOUTUBE and INSTAGRAM


And check out my interview with Fantom of the beat here on Crystallized Beats podcast

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