Nyke Ness – Veni Vidi Vici

What’s up guys? Tonight’s featured guest is Nyke Ness out of Gaithersburg, Maryland. A shy guy growing up, Nyke Ness has come into his own and found his voice in the rap game.

Nike Ness


He got his start in middle school – the battle heard ’round the school! His twin brother @sirreeb301 (who is also a rapper) set him up to battle someone at school and then, told everyone about it and the rest is history.

He has his own label – Dopamean Music Entertainment – which he runs with a couple friends. They are also putting together a clothing line called Dappa Debonair. They are just getting the clothing line off the ground, but they do have some stuff designed already.

He was wearing a shirt that he designed during his Crystallized Beats podcast interview today that said “Vici” as in “Conquer” which is what he is aiming to do… soon.


He has performed in a few different states. Right now, like everyone else, he isn’t performing anywhere… but, he does have music out and stuff in the works.

Tonight we listened to “Clout” on Crystallized Beats podcast and I also sat down and talked to Nyke Ness about life, his work and what he has going on right now. So check that out HERE.

This guy is going places for sure. His music is great. Very professionally done and radio ready. His sound would fit in right now on any rap radio station, but he has something different to offer. His beats are harder, his lyrics are definitely more well thought out than you hear on the radio and you can tell that he puts his heart into it.

So check him out! And remember to like, follow and subscribe. INSTAGRAM YOUTUBE



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