Neesh – Femcee

Tonight is Ladies night on Nevernaire Stomping Ground and we are featuring Neesh! She’s repping Detroit and the fab, full figured ladies of Hip hop. Like me! Ya, by the way fellas, stop assuming I’m a man just because I’m awesome!


Neesh is pretty rad too! She is the first female artist that I’ve come across that put a track over some kick ass techno and dance beats La Bouche stylie. Which is pretty fucking awesome.

She has released several projects. Most recently, “Neesh VS Them”. She’s very different from the female rappers that I have had on the blog so far – in that she is much more feminine and clearly influenced by female artists.

She’s headed out of Detroit and on to success! She is focusing on singles and visuals right now, as well as building her fan base. She can be seen performing around Detroit at strip clubs and local bars and venues. Also, you can find her HERE on Apple Music.


So, check out Neesh on INSTAGRAM AND YOUTUBE.
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