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What’s up with KRS One?

Today, we are going to take a look at what’s going on in the World of the DOPE Emcee, KRS One. As you may know, KRS is currently gearing up for an EPIC rap battle with Big Daddy Kane that is set to happen on October 17th.

But, what has KRS One been up to lately besides that?

KRS One has been busy!

KRS has been a busy guy. He released a new project in 2021, “Between Da Protests”.

His new track “Black Black Black” is insane, Boom Bap FIRE! The entire album is a success, but this track in particular gets me going. The build up and energy are amazing.

He has also released a Documentary called “Street Light” (also the name of his 2020 project) and I have found the entire movie on YouTube!

KRS has a new single dropping on October 15th

KRS One Krazy

The books!

Being an avid reader, I am super psyched to find out that KRS One has been writing some pretty interesting looking books.

These books are not available on Kindle. But you can get them HERE.

Temple of Hip hop

Krs is known as the Teacha. He has a pop up school called The Temple of Hip hop and travels, teaching the “9 Elements” of Hip hop. These are:

– Emceeing
– Graffiti art
– Breakin
– DeeJayin
– Beat Boxin
– Street Fashion
– Street language
– Street knowledge
– Street Entrepreneurialism

If you’re wondering when he’s coming to your area (I know I was), you can find out HERE.

So, what’s next for this Legendary MC?

Well, make sure that you check out the battle on October 17th. His new track on October 15th and keep an eye on the tour schedule for The Temple of Hip hop.

He will be performing in Detroit in November and in Atlantic City in January.

Make sure that you follow him on INSTAGRAM and TWITTER so that you know what’s going on when it happens.

And if you read either of those books, please come back and comment and let us know what you thought!

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