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Jay Against Humanity – Straight fire

What’s up guys? Tonight’s featured artist is Jay Against Humanity out of Detroit, MI. I have been in a twerk anthem mood lately and Jay has a real sick one. So, let’s get into that.

jay against humanity

Jay got his start in about 2013 and he says that he makes music to provide the listeners with a type of relief. I know that the instrumentals and beats that he chooses make me feel good.

The last album he listened to was “Burden of Proof” by Benny the Butcher. Great album, check it out for sure! I asked Jay who he would like to collab with and got an interesting answer. He said Megan thee Stallion and City Girls. That’s a new one. But I can see it.

Jay Against Humanity – The Music

Before we get in to some twerk anthem amazingness, this song needs to be addressed! This is “Straight Fire” and I listened to this song at least ten times on repeat. Shit is sick. Had me forgetting that I was writing, sitting here like in a trance, bobbing my head and shit.

I have to mention that I don’t know who Rocky Badd is…. yet. But believe me, I am all over it. And once I know, you will know.

Some Twerk greatness

Are you ready? Straight FIRE new twerk track coming right up!

When you have ME wanting to twerk, you’re on to something for sure. This song is fucking great! The beat is super dope and the flow is ill. Love this, looooove it!

The future… post Covid… hopefully

This kid is on to something for sure. “Twerk for me” could be HUGE if it got in front of the right person AND we were able to go out and dance. So, hopefully that happens soon. Because I will get down to that shit!

Jay Against Humanity people, check out his INSTAGRAM SPOTIFY and YOUTUBE

And you can listen to his interview on Crystallized Beats Underground Hip hop podcast below:


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