Breaking Series Part 4 – Ketamine and House Music

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Breaking Series Part 4

Five part series describing the evolution of breakdancing through fiction stories – Breaking Series Part 4 | Nevernaire Hip hop Blog

Ketamine and House Music

The new millennium was proving to be a great time for dance. There were all these new shows coming out that centered around dancing and people were really just falling in love with dance all over again. In particular, house music. It was HUGE in the rave scene, which was where everyone was in the 00’s… wasn’t it?

It was 2008. I sat in awe, staring at my TV screen. I had been waiting for this new show for weeks. It was called “America’s Best dance crew” and there was this break dancing crew called the JabbaWockeez that were going to be on it, and I was psyched.

I have always had this spot in my heart that’s saved for break dancing. I’ve never tried it myself (I have two left feet), but I LOVE watching break dancers. There is just something about it. The fluidity and the skill. It is awe inspiring.

When the show ended, I got ready to go out. There was this club in Massachusetts, where I grew up and we went there every Friday and Saturday night and just danced the night away.

Back then, I was a real party girl. So, I was usually partaking in the nights recreational festivities. These were usually Ketamine and Ecstasy. The drugs of choice for the then booming rave scene.


I would get so wrecked, I forgot that I didn’t know how to dance and I would dance my face off for hours. There were a few guys in my group of friends that were amateur break dancers and even watching them fascinated me.

I remember we were really into House music at the time. Bad Boy Bill, DJ Bam Bam and DJ Dan were some of my favorites. I had a ton of good CDs and someone broke in my car and stole them. Such a bummer.

Everybody wants to be BAD!

There was this one night in particular that comes to mind when I think about that time of my life. I was at a huge house party in a rich town in Massachusetts. We were at a mansion, set back in the woods. The cops never bothered us, so we had a live DJ and went nuts.

UFO pants house music
Some super stylish UFO pants

The guys were break dancing in a circle. I was thoroughly enjoying myself. Watching their long legs pumping in their UFO pants and the glow sticks with the light trails. Andddd, that’s when the Ketamine hit me… hard. I needed to lie down. I went down to the basement. There was no one down there. I lay down on the floor and fell into a dark, lonely and black K hole. This is when you take too much Ketamine and you can’t move. You’re basically paralyzed but you’re coherent. Which is awful.

This guy came downstairs to check on me. He was a long time friend and I loved him, but God could he TALK! And talk he did. He had a captive audience. I just lay there, listening to him talk about things I could not care less about for what seemed like eternity. Then, I must have passed out. Kids… don’t do drugs. I have a million and one horror stories like this, none of them are pretty.

Watch out! I’ll hit that Dougie for sure

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