Devin Tremell is about the people that are doing right

Devin Tremell

Devin Tremell – Lord Knows

Hey guys what’s going on? Tonight’s featured artist is Devin Tremell out of Colorado. Devin submitted his music to the blog and I am so impressed. I can’t wait to share his music with you!

Devin Tremell

Devin has been making music since he was about sixteen. His family got him into music and got him in the studio at a young age. You can tell that he is from a musically inclined family. His music is so polished and professional.

In rap music it’s easy to follow what’s popular and that’s usually the street nigga, hood lifestyle kinda stories but most of us don’t live that way or really want to. I wanna tell the stories of people that still struggle even though they try to do right unlike the popular street rappers.

He makes his music for the people and for the culture, not for record labels. That’s always great to see and hear.

Devin is an avid skater and spends a lot of his time doing that as well as making his music.

The Music

“Protons” is a lyrical piece of art. The old school vibe is fucking magnetic. You can see that his uncles are a major influence in his music style. What a great song! I’ve listened to it three times in a row.

“Lord knows” was the track that Devin submitted to the blog. I clicked the link and fell in love with the song immediately. The instrumental is touching and so, so right.

He is releasing an EP soon. He says it should be ready by this Summer. Make sure that you follow him on INSTAGRAM so that you are ready when it drops!

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Make sure that you also check out his interview on Crystallized Beats Underground Hip hop podcast below:

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