De La Soul’s Hip Hop Significance is Undeniable. For real now!

de la soul

What’s up with De La Soul now?

De La Soul is a rap trio formed in 1988 in Long Island. The members are Posdnuos, Trugoy, and Maseo. They are best known for their hit track “Me, myself and I”.

Of course, the hook in this song is amazing. Everyone recognizes this track. It is definitely a quintessential 90’s song and it was nominated for a Grammy.

Their debut album “3 feet high and rising” is just an incredible work of art! The instrumental in “Can you keep a secret” is so funky and “Say no go” is one of my favorite tracks from the era. The flow and rhyme are mesmerizing and the beat is so dope. Add in the funk ad libs and I’m definitely sold!

The video is awesome too

New music

In 2020 they released a remastered version of “First Serve”. Before that, their most recent album was “And the Anonymous nobody”. The track “Whoodeeni” FEAT. 2 Chainz is such an amazing collaboration!

another awesome video!

Even with the super natural, futuristic beat, 2 Chainz Southern sound is obvious and perfect for the song. This is a track you can definitely bump on the car stereo and it sounds incredible.

They are also the only rappers to be featured on three Gorillaz albums.

What’s up with De La Soul now?

I found this video very interesting. This is Psodnous talking about De La Soul VS The Roots, and how Mos Def was his inspiration for his lyrical advancement.

The group is still together and still touring. They were at 2019 Coachella and they are touring Europe in 2022.

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