You are currently viewing CRKX | Check out this EXCLUSIVE interview

CRKX | Check out this EXCLUSIVE interview

CRKX – Fly Steppa

Hey guys what’s up? Tonight’s featured artist is CRKX out of Idaho. I posted on Facebook that we are looking for artists to feature on Nevernaire and Tone the Bone actually tagged CRKX on the post. I checked him out and he’s really good! Shout out to Tone the Bone from both of us for the hook up!

By the way, if YOU are interested in a feature on Nevernaire blog and Crystallized Beats podcast click the picture below to submit your links.

At twenty, CRKX is one of the youngest artists that I have featured on Nevernaire. But, he definitely deserves them recognition. His music is polished and radio ready. You can tell that a lot of hard work goes into every track.

CRKX – Music for the deaf

CRKX grew up in the deaf community. He went to a school for the deaf and has deaf immediate family members, including his mother. The deafness is genetic. So, he will end up losing his hearing as well. I think that this really makes his music special. It must mean so much to to him because he can appreciate it from someone’s perspective that can’t hear music.

He signs all of his songs. He wants to make music something that everyone can enjoy. Which is so admirable. Making his shows an enjoyable, hype experience for everyone is really dope.

Speaking of shows, he has a show tomorrow that is being set up by DJ Lady X. It is the Day One Music Fest.

CRKX – The Music

CRKX has a cool sound. His bars are witty and his style is very modern. You can definitely tell from “OTWU” that XXXtentacion is one if his favorite rappers. The ad libs are reminiscent of the late rappers sound but CRKX voice is more powerful. I am a huge XXX fan AS YOU CAN SEE HERE AT THIS LINK. But, I always felt that XXX rap songs where he was trying to be hard were difficult to take seriously. I am more into his softer stuff like “Changes”.

In “Distorted poetry”, we hear a different type of beat with a quick flow and more witty lyrics. It sounds like CRKX has been making music for years. When in fact, he just started making music pretty recently.

What’s next?

Check him out on SPOTIFY and INSTAGRAM. Make sure that you like, follow and subscribe so you know what he has going on in the future.



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