Celebrating the Powerful Impact of Mac Miller

Mac Miller

Mac Miller would be 31 this month

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know who Mac Miller was for a long time. By the time I heard of him, he had been on the scene for a while.

Mac Miller
Those eyes were definitely hiding something

I was first introduced to Mac when I was watching a marathon of Ridiculousness on MTV. I just remember thinking “Damn, I bet he’s cool to chill with.”  That was it though, I didn’t check out his music or anything.

Then, I started dating a guy that was really into Esoteric and Atmosphere. One day, we were in the car and I noticed he was playing something different. I asked who it was and he said “This is Mac Miller.” That was the day that I became a fan.

Why am I telling you this?

This is Mac Miller’s birth month. He would have been thirty one on the 19th. It’s such a shame the way he went out. He was really going places. He had the World at his finger tips and in an instant, it was gone.

His story really resonates with me. He was partying one minute and the next he was gone, dead from a lethal, accidental overdose of Cocaine, fentanyl and alcohol. That could have been me. So many times.

I remember when he passed away in 2018, I cried a lot. It’s not like I knew him. The circumstances just seemed so close. When he passed, I had already been sober for six years. But, it still brought up a lot of emotional stuff for me and the fact that he was so young and talented really struck a chord with me as well.

Getting help

If you or someone you love is messing around with Fentanyl, or other dangerous street drugs, you can get help. It’s a slippery slope. One day, you’re partying with your friends and the next, you’re partying alone. Then, you either make it or you don’t. It’s not all fun and games. There will come a day that the shit is going to kill you. Get help before that day gets here, and you never know when that day is going to be.

Call SAMHSA at this number: 877-726-4727 to talk to someone that can help you get through this. There is light on the other side of addiction and you don’t have to be fucked up to be happy, or social or to live.

Happiness comes from within. Not from drugs, alcohol, sex or anything else. Make yourself happy from within. Stop relying on the stuff and do it. We see so many deaths from accidental drug overdose. Live your life, don’t just be another statistic.

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