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Angel Wings – Five women on a mission

Tonight I’m going to deviate from the subject of hip hop to help do my part to support Angel Wings House in Cape Coral, Florida.

Angel Wings is a transitional women’s home unlike any other!
After two and a half weeks of living in my car, with my two dogs – the Angel Wings women saved my life.

I spent every waking moment of those weeks on my phone advocating for myself, to anyone that would listen. I called every shelter within two hundred miles – I even visited a couple of places. I was told time and time again that there was nowhere for me to go. There was no help for me and someone even told me I should have thought about this before I decided to come to Florida to be homeless!

The size of my efforts were matched only by the glaring realization that there wasn’t any help for me in Florida. I am a single woman. I do not have any children. I do not have any substance issues. I have a career and I have always taken care of myself.
Unfortunately, I fell on hard times. I thought that I was hopeless. I thought that help was never coming. The help that it was so hard for me to ask for in the first place.

Enter Angel Wings! I was invited to a meeting with the ladies and I explained my situation. They were EMPATHETIC! At last! I had found a group of people that were not jaded and hardened by their jobs and their lack of resources. The next day, they welcomed me into their home. I have been here for about a week now and I can finally start to feel my shield coming down. The stress is there, but these women have given me a home unlike any other shelter that I might have landed in after weeks of effort.

There is hope

The Angel Wings house is beautiful! There are two bedrooms that can accommodate four women. The house is more like a home than a shelter. I am able to come and go as I please. As long as the ladies know how hard i am working to get my life back on track, they do not micromanage me. There is always food, i don’t have to worry about where my next meal is going to come from. And, they have even helped me with prescription costs and gas for my car!

I have it very good here and I hope that you will read my story and understand that the women of SWFL NEED Angel Wings! There has to be a place that is willing to use it’s resources to help single women that are hard on their luck. Because as far as the rest of the shelters and programs are concerned, we are low on the priority list.

It’s a terrible realization, when you are alone and hopeless and know that help is not coming. I have felt it. Angel Wings saved me from the desperate nightmare that I was living day in and day out, and they need your help to make sure that they can offer their services to other women, for a long time to come.


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