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A Very Wu Xmas

A Very Wu Xmas in the Shaolin style of ODB

Yo ho ho it’s the Osiris of this shit here to wish you a Merry WU Christmas. Christmas is for the children, ya kno?
It was brick af in the Shaolin and quiet and shit.
Not a creature was stirrin, cept Meth getting it on with some heffer from the 212.
The slingers and pushers were closed for the night, and Ol. St. Nick was uh looking to get right.
To Rza and Gza he sent a quick text, then he looked through his phone thinking what to do next.

Motherfuckers was sleeping, what was he gon do? Texted the Chef and Ghostface and those nigs was sleep too.
Jumped back in his sleigh toward U-god’s crib. I bet that nig Deck got that killer! I want dibs.
As he passed Killa’s crib, he heard shots fired! “Oh shit! Rudolph fuck this flying dude! We gon get hit!”
And down to Cappadonna’s they went to see yours truly. You know my ass was awake! Yo that Crystal do the job duly!
Tha motha fucking end

a very wu xmas
Hiphop artist Ghostface Killah

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