The Top 5 Hip hop Blogs for Indie Hip hop artists to submit their new music

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Have you submitted your music to Nevernaire Hip hop Blog yet?

So, we here at Nevernaire are very particular about the Indie Hip hop artists that we will feature on our Underground Hip hop Blog. If you want to be reviewed for a feature SUBMIT YOUR LINKS HERE FOR REVIEW. Below you will find a list of other Hip hop Blogs that you can submit to as well.

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Why is it important to submit your music to Hip hop Blogs?

While self promotion is all well and good, it can be exhausting and even financially draining. When you submit your music to an Indie Hip hop Blog, you are getting promoted to all of their followers around the World! Not to mention that you will likely be featured on their social media.

When you are published on a popular Hip hop Blog, you’re front and center to a completely new audience. And, you can promote the link to the Blog article to get more followers. You can also use it on your press release. If you don’t have a press release, we got your covered.


We realize that it can be really tough getting on to any Hip hop Blog, but you gotta try in order to fail or succeed.

Here is the list of the top 5 Hip hop Blogs to submit your music to (besides us of course!)

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1. The Word is Bond Underground Hip hop Blog

At the Word is Bond, they feature videos, articles about Indie Hip hop artists and they have a podcast. That’s a lot of ways for you to be promoted!

I have guest posted on this blog and the staff at the Word is Bond are friendly and they got back to me right away.

To submit your music to the Word is Bond Underground Hip hop blog, click here.

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2. Hip Hop Indie Music Blog

At Hip Hop Indie Music Blog, they feature up and coming Indie Hip hop artists through audio and video posts.

“Hip Hop Indie Music, where we share upcoming artist music with a fashionable presence. This site gives artists a great platform to promote their music and many more.”

To submit new Hip Hop music to Hip Hop Indie Music blog, click here

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3. Earmilk

EARMILK is an online music publication that straddles the line between underground and mainstream. Covering Hip-Hop, Electronic, Indie and the in between.

To submit your music to Earmilk, click here.

4. Hip Hop N More Blog

Premier HipHop website offering the freshest & the hottest music, videos, artwork, news, rumors and much more. You have to follow them on Twitter and Instagram before they will consider featuring your music on their blog.

To submit to Hip Hop N More Blog, click here.

top 5 Hip hop blogs to submit music to

5. Indie Shuffle

Indie Shuffle is a music blog that helps you discover new music and playlists: indie rock ✓ hip hop ✓ electronic ✓ and more.

To submit your new music to Indie Shuffle, click here.

Think we missed someone? Have you had success with submitting your new music to a different Underground Hip hop Blog? Let us know in the comments.


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