Sketch tha Cataclysm Deserves a Second Look

sketch tha cataclysm

Sketch tha Cataclysm was one of My First Write Ups

So, a couple years ago when I was just getting my feet wet with the Indie artist interviews, I wrote an artist profile for Sketch Tha Cataclysm. I’ve decided that he deserves a new write up. One that does him justice. So, here we go.

Sketch tha Cataclysm is from Connecticut and he performs mostly in his stomping grounds. He is also a part of the duo The 50X50’s.

Sketch tha Cataclysm – The Music

The Maya Demos is my favorite project by Sketch Tha Cataclysm. This project came out in 2018 and every year, Sketch celebrates its drop.
I can’t get enough of the intro for “Seasons Through Pen’s Ascension” and Sketch has such a unique style and flow. He really thinks about his lyrics and you can tell that he is an amazing poet.

Indie Rappers Do it For Gas Money

“Get Over You” is such an amazing track! The beat is funky, the female ad libs are perfectly placed and the entire feel of the song is just so spoken word, in a smoky cafe somewhere is New York. I love it.

Hella Kafkaesque 3

“Run the Banks” FEAT Mandy Moorehall is such a futuristic sounding track.

Hella Kafkaesque Vol. 2

Also FEAT Mandy Moorehall, “Nonchalant, Pt. 2 is another amazing, experimental beat with Sketch’s unmistakable flow and killer lyrics.

Upcoming Summer Shows

Saturday 7/30 | The Moon space Ballroom W/ Ricky Hill
Hamden. CT

Sunday 8/7 (The 50X50’s) Week 100 LiveStream

Saturday 8/27 | Black Rock Porch Fest W/ Jennifer Hill
Bridgeport, CT

So, where can you find him?

Here on Instagram YouTube Spotify

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sketch tha cataclysm

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