@maker2 sketch artist


Thanks to the Internet, we are able to enjoy art from all over the world. If you’re looking for some great pictures of graffiti/sketches or videos of break dancers and some beat boxers, @nevernaire on Instagram is a great place to start.

Today’s featured artist is @maker2 on Instagram AKA Max from Zarechnyi, Russia.

What caught my attention about Max was his ability to create characters that represent strength and femininity in a non-combative way. His work as a sketch artist shows the beauty of feminine strength and I appreciate that. I believe this is a quality that not a lot of people possess. 

His lettering skills are quite impressive – often taking shape in 3-D and a lot of his work is inspired by Oriental art – including dragons, geisha and samurai.

The town of Zarechnyi is quite small, with only about 65,000 population and the art community is not developed there. However, when we spoke, Max was just coming from a sketch battle in the town of Penza. Penza has a small art community that is made up of painters, sketch artist and graffiti artists. 

While sketching, Max likes to listen to music – his music taste is broad, ranging from Nirvana to Eminem. He has a great habit of making sure that he paints at least once a day.

Max is definitely an artist to watch! Follow him on Instagram @maker2

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