A rap protege' - molded by the streets

Tonight’s featured artist was introduced to me by a coworker and I’m glad I mentioned the blog to her. His name is Saved and he is from Elizabeth, NJ, but he lives in Fort Myers, Florida now (which is where I live now too.)

Saved – The music

He started free styling in middle school and he’s been at it ever since. He has such a unique sound with the Spanish instrumentals over Southern beats.

His music is very much Southern rap. It’s like Nelly with a beautiful Spanish vibe and a wonderful message. I haven’t heard a song yet that I didn’t like and the lyrics are not what you’re used to hearing in Southern rap tracks. They’re more positive, like he has a real message. For the most part (there are some exceptions of course).

The future

The streets raised him and ultimately I believe that will save him. He is going places. he’s young and has his whole life ahead of him to wow us. And I’m already hooked! I think the street smarts and living a hard life have made him strong and he is going to be able to hold his own in this game.

We are going to be seeing great things from Saved. Mark my words. And you saw him here first. He performs now around South Florida, but he will be making his way around very soon. So follow him on Instagram, and stay up to date on events and new releases.

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