Chappy Go Lucky – Runaway Kid

Check out this unique voice! – Chappy Go Lucky

Tonight’s featured artist is Chappy Go Lucky. I have featured Chappy before and since then, he has been hard at work on his latest track “Runaway Kid”. Check it out below:

This track is great. The lyrics tell a sad story and you can totally relate, but at the same time the song has an upbeat feel. The beat and instrumental that he chose make his cadence and unique voice really stand out.

I had to feature this song because it is the polar opposite of “Runaway Kid”. This song is much harder and the lyrics are different. The cadence and lyrics are sick. It’s a great hook and the beat is hypnotic


Chappy has also been busy creating and running his own label called Raincoverage. Check it out HERE ON INSTAGRAM. Raincoverage is all about intense and creative promotion. He is a wiz with social media promo and he has links to blogs like Nevernaire.

Raincoverage will also pitch Editorial teams and run Facebook ads for you, as well as playlisting.

Definitely check him out.

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