Nola B | Now I’m Fuc$ing intoxicated by the smooth sound

Nola B

Hey guys, what’s up? Tonight’s featured artist is Nola B out of New Orleans. Nola caught my attention on Instagram. His music is a mash up of rap and neo soul/ R&B and I love it.

“I started making music during my time in the Navy when I first graduated high school. Since then I’ve started my record label HighCouncil Recordings in college (University of Houston) and worked in all areas of the music industry. “

He is looking to make a network of professional musicians that he can work with for years to come. Nowhere better to start that journey than with the 250+, awesome artists on Nevernaire. That’s for sure.

“I want to inspire and story tell. One of my favorite artists growing up was Jay Z because of his story telling ability. That few minutes listening to music in your car is pivotal and I want to get a few of them. “

He definitely has a different sound. Let’s get into that now!

The Music | Nola B

This is the track that most caught my attention. The collaboration is perfect. DejaRae is great here and I love the whole vibe of the track.

I love the lyrics. It’s a love song but it’s honest. No bullshit. The instrumental is catchy. I’ve had this song stuck in my head all day and I don’t even mind.

Fun Fact: He can play the Xylophone. The drum line was full. See what patience gets you? You can be a patient drummer or an impatient xylophone player.

The Future

Nola is dropping a new album called the “Book of Nola” in February. It’s going to be a 2 part series. Can’t wait for that!

“The future is full of promise and fruitions. I’ve been working as an artist for a while now and I’ve had the best time just doing what I love to do. I foresee maturation and team building. “

Be sure that you follow him on Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube. That way you’re ready when “Book of Nola” comes out and you can enjoy what he has to offer now.


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