New Nevernaire Interview with the Legendary Mic Geronimo


How I Found the Music that would Change my Music Taste Forever

What’s up guys? It’s been a little while since I posted an interview. Today, I’m psyched to tell you that our featured artist is the one and only Mic Geronimo!

I was about fifteen years old, and I was chilling at this guy’s house and he asked me if I had heard of Mic Geronimo. I said no. So, he put on Mic’s album “Vendetta”. Vendetta was Mic’s second album. I have to admit, I slept on Mic Geronimo’s first album, “The Natural”. It just hadn’t come up on my radar.

So, I’m listening to this album with my friend and the track “Street Life” comes on. After about a minute of my friend talking over the track, I got up and hit rewind on the stereo. We were listening to a CD (yup…. for real). At this point, my friend was still talking, but I wasn’t listening.

What I heard was this kind of soft voice with a dope vibe coming out of the speakers. The beat was like nothing that I was listening to at the time (I was real big on Boom Bap back then).

Then, the chorus came in and the Angelic voice of a woman hit me like a ray of light. That’s when I became a die hard Mic Geronimo fan.

Mic Geronimo | The Interview

Here is the interview. I told Mic that I would send him some unique questions and these are what I sent to him.

Me: Your latest single, “The Bag” is dope! The beat is exactly the style that I use on all the Nevernaire promotion. The beat was produced by A2R Beats & WhoElze. Have you thought about producing your own beats and being able to produce your own tracks?

Mic Geronimo: From time to time I have thought about producing. I started off as a DJ so that would kind of be a natural progression in most cases, but I just decided to concentrate on writing songs and staying on that side of things.

Me: Coming up in a completely different era, what advice do you have for today’s Hip hop youth? In a new era driven by money, where everyone has started to sound the same, how can these new kids break through with a more original sound?

Mic Geronimo: Idk. I do find a lot of todays music to be repetitive and it’s like everyone plays it safe by using the same kind of template. And it is such a commercially appeal driven industry that it’s hard to step outside of the box. But I do think in order to innovate you have to risk being unique. It shouldn’t all be the obvious content that would be expected. There’s room for that and food for thought.

Me: When can we expect your new Lp, “3016” to drop? Will it be on all steaming platforms?

Mic Geronimo: It will drop before 2024. And it will be available on all platforms.

Me: Do you have any shows coming up? If yes, when and where?

Mic Geronimo: For now I’m tweaking the project so I am focused on that. I’ll hit the road after the release to promote.

Me: Anything else you would like to add? Shout outs? Upcoming projects?

Mic Geronimo: Lots of surprises on the lp and I appreciate all that participated. Thanks to the listeners that support and have supported me over the years. And thank you to you.

The Dopest Track that I have Heard in Years

I have been bumping this track ALL day. Even my seventy year old mother was like “Whoa what’s this?” Mom likes to get down to Travis Scott when no one’s looking. She has a good ear for the new stuff that is different from the status quo.

The track is “The Bag” by Mic Geronimo and it’s FUCKING FIRE! Today, I have played it for everyone I know. And some people I’ve only met through the blog! This track needs to be a thing right now!

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