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Michael Andre Braxton | The man, the music and the motivation

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Michael Andre Braxton is a man of many talents. He is a Producer, a film maker and he hosts a podcast. This is a lot to juggle, but he seems to do it with ease.

Hailing from Philly, PA, he started out as a promoter and decided a few years ago to try his hand at making his own music.

“The goal is to entertain folks and make them feel good with the vibes. Music is the universal language”

He is always looking for artists that can “bring the heat to the tracks” to collaborate with. There is no shortage of those on Nevernaire Blog. My top pick for the type of beats that Michael produces is RO Hutch.

Michael Andre Braxton

When asked what product he would endorse, he said Cannabis because it is a lucrative Industry. I would like to be sponsored by a Cannabis company. So, if you know how to make that happen, let me know. All my best writing is done when I’m stoned.

Michael Andre Braxton | The Music

This track is straight FIRE. The bass is booming, the beat is slamming and it’s put together so well that I can hear a finished product with a rapper dropping bars. This is from a man that just decided one day that he was going to try his hand at music!

I’m loving the futuristic effects. It’s like a video game theme that would make it impossible for you to skip the scene because it’s so good. He should market this as a new kind of hold music. Imagine this dope sound when you’re waiting on hold for Verizon?

On a serious note, his tracks are all so professionally done and you can envision them on the radio with a killer lyricist bringing everything together.

I couldn’t finish up talking about his music without including this incredible track. “Purple in my cup” has tens of thousands of streams on Spotify and rightfully so! I want to go through all the Nevernaire artists and find the perfect one to lay some bars on this track.

Get Money Filmz

Michael also runs an independent film agency that is currently showing a series called “Unfinished Business.” The series is focused around a group of dirty cops in Philly. You can check it out here.

Finally, there is “The Blue Check Podcast Show.” This is a show where he talks to innovators that can be found verified on Instagram.

Be sure to check out the podcast and you definitely don’t want to miss “Unfinished Business.”

The Future

Michael plans on launching a kid’s clothing line. He is currently working on the movie version of “Unfinished Business” and he is looking to get into acting. That’s a whole lot to add to what he is already doing. But, as he says “Anything is possible when you grind for it.”

Where can you find the rest of his music? Check him out here on SpotifyYouTube and Instagram.



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