Kid Exotic

A mogul in the making

kid exotic
kid exotic

Tonight’s featured artist is Kid Exotic out of Bourgogne, France. Born in Sweden, he moved to France when his dad was diagnosed with Cancer and has lived there ever since. At just 18 years old, he is already a threat to be recognized!

kid exotic

Kid Exotic is not just an emcee. He raps in English and French – which is a huge asset. He also produces beats and has had success producing for other emcees.

His inspiration to get into music was from listening to music with his older brothers. They were making beats and listening to Hip hop and he soon followed suit.

kid exotic

Some of his favorite artists are Lil Uzi Vert and Trippie Redd. These are a couple of artists that I listen to pretty regularly as well.

Kid Exotic – The music

Although most of his music is in French, it is still very easy to enjoy. For one, French sounds dope when you’re rapping and second the instrumentals and beats are on point!

For example, the song “Chicks” has an upbeat instrumental with a quick, hard beat and the tempo of his flow to match. All of his songs are radio ready, which explains why he has so many views on YouTube.

Tonight we will be listening to “11.11” on Crystallized Beats podcast and I’ll be chatting with Kid Exotic about music and life in France. So, check that out HERE!

Producer, emcee, one to watch! Make sure you check him out on INSTAGRAM YOUTUBE SPOTIFY


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