Epidemic Beats 3

Hey guys what’s up? Tonight’s featured guest is Epidemic_Beats – a beat producer out of Melbourne, Australia. I first heard his beats on Instagram and I hit him up and we started talking. I love his range and decided to share his music with all of you!


Epidemic_Beats – The Man

Got his start making music about five years ago. He had a friend that was into making beats and they found a mutual love of producing and voila!

And, he recently collaborated on a song with Sheri B called “Hands up” and he is focusing now on releasing single beats and collabs rather than an album. All of his beats are uploaded HERE on Beat Stars.


The Music

His music is hard to describe, as his range is quite large. He has some trippy style though. There is a trip hop style with a mix of hard drums and beats. It’s very appealing.

Tonight we listened to a couple of his beats on Crystallized Beats podcast. Back after a couple weeks of being off the air. Thanks for baring with me guys 🙂 You can check it out HERE.

So, Epidemic_Beats… check him out on INSTAGRAM and BEAT STARS and remember to like, share and follow


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