Boosie Badazz – Living is winning


A little feel good to start your Thursday off right!

The system designed to keep us all up in prison (True)
Section 8 don’t want the daddy living with the siblings (True)
They don’t want to give us jobs, so everybody ’round here stealing (True)
Probably ain’t listening ’cause their children having children (True)
You know the world we’re living in, man, is straight weak
They got a cure for AIDS and cancer but we can’t get it (True)
Cops shoot us down ’cause our skin, they some dirty bitches
They shoot us down on camera, don’t even get convictedYou can’t handle the truth
(You’re all the way live with that real nigga Boosie Badazz, nigga, we know where you at)
You in the land of the truth
(Boosie Badazz, Boosie Badazz nigga talking real shit)
What I’m saying is true
(Always keep it a hundred)
But you can’t handle the truth, you’re in the land of the truth


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