Check out the Beat Positive Exhibit. It’s pretty amazing!

“Hip Hop for the Eyes: A Discussion of the Culture’s Visual Influence"

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Hip hop history and culture were brought to life in the amazing Beat Positive Exhibit “Hip Hop for the Eyes: A Discussion of the Culture’s Visual Influence”, at 10 Corso Como New York. The exhibit brought together two of the things that I love in one place – old school hip hop and graffiti.

beat positive exhibit - getty images

Getty Images curator Shawn Waldron went through the Getty archives and dug up some of the most important photos from hip hop history between 1981 and 1993.
The exhibit centered around the photography of Janette Beckman and David Corio with the graffiti work of artists Claudia “Claw Money” Gold and David “Chino” Villorente.

Beckman photographed many hip hop artists including LL Cool J and Public Enemy. Back then, they were just taking pics to show these artists to the world. Now these pictures are part of hip hop history.

beat positive exhibit

Rounding off the exhibit – the graffiti

In Beckman’s photographs and Gold and Villorente’s graffiti, we can see the rich and diverse culture of hip hop. Hip hop lives strong and shows no sign of stopping. Some day, today’s hip hop will be on display in an exhibit about hip hop history and culture.

I know I am happy to have my tiny part in keeping hip hop alive. Stay tuned to Nevernaire Stomping Ground for the latest news in up and coming hip hop music.

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