Trippie Redd – The Grinch


Yeah, huh
Life is like a motherfuckin’ dream (like a dream)
Fill my double cup up with some lean (with some lean)
put my dick in your bitch spleen (bitch spleen)
Yeah, racks comin’ in evergreen (evergreen)Yeah, hold up, let me pop my shit trippie redd
Pussy nigga talkin’, we gon’ leave him in a ditch
I’ll kill my brother pussy nigga if he snitch
I was outside being bad with the Grinch
Nigga bad with the GrinchYeah, yeah, trappin’ out the motherfuckin’ Ritz
Yeah moving bales, nigga been moving bricks
Fucking on his thot and his bitch a redbone
Yeah yeah, put the bitch on trippie redd
I put niggas on like some motherfucking cologne
Fuck nigga, yeah I ain’t singing, Post Malone
With the gang, we keep a .57 trippie red
Yeah you know we keep some MAC 11’s
I just love me some lethal weapons…


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