Ty Willy – Feel the sting

Ty Willy

Tonight’s featured under ground female artist is repping South Central. Born and raised. Her name is Ty Willy and she is what you envision when you hear the words empowered woman. She might come off as rough around the edges, her music is raw and hard sometimes, but she is smooth, soulful and thoughtful. Give her a listen and you will see what I mean.

The Music

Ty’s music is ill. She’s got that old school Lil Kim feel – minus the overly sexed part. More masculine which I’m really digging. So maybe more Foxy than Kim. But, she does have her soft side with slow, smooth songs about love and life.


I don’t know if you’re new here or if you’ve had a chance to look around a bit, but I am thoroughly enjoying writing these female artist profiles! I hope you check them out.

The Woman

Ty’s a quick writer. She just has it like that. But, she makes sure “the sting” of her lyrics is tangible. With lyrics like “hold me closer, let me know – you was always hoping it was me.” her words definitely pack a punch and a tug to the heart strings.

Ty Willy
Love… the only words big enough… Unity

She’s working with new producers and learning how to make her own beats. While she doesn’t have a project coming out soon, she does have quite a catalogue for you to check out. Here is her YouTube and an article on Beat of the Week about her.

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