The Crystal Trip

Hey, I’m Crystal Amar. The owner and writer of The Crystal Trip travel blog.
I grew up in a city just North of Boston, Massachusetts. My parents split when I was young and I grew up basically dirt poor. I never really thought about traveling. It wasn’t in the cards for me.

Then when I was about thirty years old, I finally found a career (a good paying one) and I found that I had the income to travel. I started taking trip after trip. I went on trips by plane and road trips with my dog Belle. Always to a different city, in a different state.

I haven’t left the states (yet). However, my next trip that I have planned is going to be to Sardinia, Italy.

I’ve been all over the East Coast. Most recently, I moved from Massachusetts to Florida. I drove down with my now two dogs, Belle and Gizmo and we stopped in Chevy Chase, Maryland because I mean, I had to and we stopped by the Pentagon. I’ll leave the rest of the trip for a blog post.

Right now, I am focused on detailing all of the trips that I have taken, but soon I will be writing about the trips that I am on! So far, there has been some kind of wacky mishap on everyone of my trips that has caused mayhem and panic at the time but hilarity now. So enjoy!

The Crystal Trip travel blog