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Naveed Nosrati
Tonight's featured artist is Navid Nosrati. He is an Iranian MC that specializes in freestyle battles. Over the last couple of days, I have been talking to Navid and his story has made quite an impression on me. So, I'm going to share it with you.
Yung Judg3
Today's featured artist is Yung Judg3 repping Toronto. We linked up on Instagram. You can find his music on SoundCloud and YouTube. Lately, he's been listening to Drake and Future. He is looking for quality collabs and wants to link up with @lilxelly.
Hey what's up? Tonight we have a semi-pro in our midst! This kid has his shit together! Our featured artist is King Tragedy from Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA. He got his start rapping when he was fourteen. He's...
Check out today's featured video by my boy 6crux9. Roses are red FEAT clips from the movie "Wanted". So sick! https://youtu.be/yv_81_VcgCY CHECK OUT THE FULL SONG HERE 6CRUX9 https://youtu.be/42KOA4NO8_4


The wordsmith
Tonight's featured artist is The Wordsmith. A self proclaimed army brat, he was born in Alabama and raised mostly in Dallas. He first started rapping in grade school, but he really started taking it seriously after stepping into a recording studio in Germany.
https://youtu.be/BF8TE5qsOCs IT'S A MEGAN KINDA DAY
Ty Willy
Tonight's featured under ground female artist is repping South Central. Born and raised. Her name is Ty Willy and she is what you envision when you hear the words empowered woman. She might come off as rough around the edges, her music is raw and hard sometimes,...
Slang Troubadour
Today's featured artist is Slang Troubadour out of Milwaukee, WI. Listen, rest of the country... WI has been repped two nights in a week by some crazy creative, incredible artists. Step it up and DM me your links HERE. The Music