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https://youtu.be/1YtgM7mzetI Just in time for his new album "Untrapped" - dropping 1/31/2020 - Yo Gotti's appears on Hot 97 with a fresh freestyle!
Yo Gottivideo
https://youtu.be/9NXlKiKigxo Hey, I be talkin' to myself likeIn the mirror and shit, likeIs you ready for this shit?Nigga, are you? What's up?I wasn't ready for that hundred mil', but now I am'Member being for warBut then the gun jammed (damn)I guess...
heaven on earthvideo
https://youtu.be/JCc5AEmgPYE Heaven on earth YeahAy, we pull up likeNo VirgilWhite on white, white-white, not Off-White, lookOh, I'm rich rich (rich), shawty thick thick (thick)We fuck her friend together (yeah), that's my bitch bitch (bitch)I heard you hit...