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Black Bobby
What's up guys? Tonight's featured artist is Black Bobby out of DC. He is an Indie Hip hop artist with a back ground in Political Science, and he is very active in Politics. Black Bobby got his start...
Mr. Ivory Snow
Hey what's up guys? Tonight's featured artist is rapper/ producer Mr. Ivory Snow out of Connecticut. He's a bit different from what you're used to seeing on Nevernaire. His music has a little bit of a trap feel, with excellent delivery and beat selection!
Check out today's featured video by my boy 6crux9. Roses are red FEAT clips from the movie "Wanted". So sick! https://youtu.be/yv_81_VcgCY CHECK OUT THE FULL SONG HERE 6CRUX9 https://youtu.be/42KOA4NO8_4
By now you have probably heard that Waka Flocka Flame has publicly made statements about the dangers of calling Hip hop... well... dangerous. I could not agree MORE, never thought the day would come where I would find myself agreeing with something that this man said -...
"Whoa! What is this song?! I have to go ask the DJ!" I said excitedly to my best friend Chanelle, as i made my way up to the decks. We were at a huge house party. The liquor was flowing, the DJ was...