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Lawrence Franks aka rapper Huey - who is known for the 2007 track "Pop, lock and drop it" - was reportedly shot and killed in the St. Louis area last night (June 25th). Huey and another male, 21 years...
Mr. Ivory Snow
Hey what's up guys? Tonight's featured artist is rapper/ producer Mr. Ivory Snow out of Connecticut. He's a bit different from what you're used to seeing on Nevernaire. His music has a little bit of a trap feel, with excellent delivery and beat selection!


What's up? Tonight's featured artist is Pruven out of New York. He's an interesting cat for sure. I had the opportunity to interview him on Zoom and he has a lot to say about this virus and the current state of the World.
So, I thought that tonight, I would broaden our horizons a bit. Tonight's featured artist is Underground Russian rapper Pegy (@nikita_pegov on Instagram) from a town near Moscow, Russia. I was checking out new talent on Instagram's...
Repping Tiljala (Kal Yugg) in West Bengal, India tonight! This song is FIRE! Sick beat, dope flow. I love showcasing talent from other countries. https://youtu.be/Gv3zt1-7GC0 Broaden your horizons- check out KAL-YUGG on YouTube HERE. Remember to like...
https://youtu.be/VFacxBE6_Ks 've been on top for a while (top for a while)NASA take me to the moonFast car make vroom, vroom, vroomTake her to the boom boom roomI'm a visionary, I got these niggas scary, hmmBought a big Patek with a brand...
As you will learn, if you stick around this blog long enough. I love Wu-tang. Quite obsessed actually. So, when I heard that there was a documentary featuring Raekwon . Recording a new Ep, I had to share that with all of you!
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=RDEMZoEpYR_YB21X94UAV4dMfA gutta Slim
Ferb Russell
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfdOLs7IOH0 Coming from Gates, TN, now performing on February 8, 2020 at Bombshells Tavern in Orlando, Ferb Russell is making some moves in the Southern rap scene. @thatsferb on Instagram, make sure you follow and stay tuned!...