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What's up? Tonight's featured artist is Pruven out of New York. He's an interesting cat for sure. I had the opportunity to interview him on Zoom and he has a lot to say about this virus and the current state of the World.
P.so the earthtone king
Hey what's up guys? Tonight is Producer night at Nevernaire Stomping Ground and I am featuring P.SO the Earthtone King. Not only is this man a kick ass producer, he's a rapper and an illustrator as well. His comics and illustrations are out of this World good....
the divine hand winter's coming
As I got ready to take the dogs for a long ride through South West Florida, I waited for my music to download. The right music is essential for a joy ride. On the playlist? It was Sketch tha Cataclysm and JK1 the Supernova. It was that...


Tonight's International feature is a self proclaimed jokester with a track to prove it. His name is J2tha as in J2thaaaaa. Don't let his follower count scare you off. It's a new Insta and you know as well as I do... you have to start somewhere.
Hakeem Paragon
Tonight's featured artist is Hakeem Paragon. He came to me in a dream and asked me to review his music on Instagram. Then around 2pm the next day I realized that I have been sleep texting people in the middle of the night and he was in...
Alright this right here... this is what I'm all about! This is fucking scary and brave and Emel is so endearing. His journey can only go one of two ways. And right now only time will tell... but I've got my eye on this. That's for sure....
The wordsmith
Tonight's featured artist is The Wordsmith. A self proclaimed army brat, he was born in Alabama and raised mostly in Dallas. He first started rapping in grade school, but he really started taking it seriously after stepping into a recording studio in Germany.
It has been an amazing day for Nevernaire Stomping Ground. I have set up a bevy of beautiful women to feature on Ladie's night over the next couple of weeks... so stay tuned for that! Also, featuring an AMAZING beat producer on Sunday, March 8th, and...
The new release by Mr. Rollsomethin had me wondering... what is da "Grustle"? I'm not as hip as I used to be... But, after listening to the song I realized, it's the struggle, the rat race, the grind if you will... It's a track that you can...