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Nyke Ness
What's up guys? Tonight's featured guest is Nyke Ness out of Gaithersburg, Maryland. A shy guy growing up, Nyke Ness has come into his own and found his voice in the rap game. NYKE NESS - THE MAN
Adderall2 is a hell of a drug. It's had me in a Kung-Fu, vice grip for over five years and I know that it controls my life. I started this tell-all about this tragic love affair in the first article "The Adderall Chronicles", several months ago.
So, it's 4/20/2020. I hope you have bud. I know I do and I'll be smoking all day today! The man of the hour, or should I say the day today is MF Oblivion! He's got his 420 game on STRONG! Starting today...
Yung Judg3
Today's featured artist is Yung Judg3 repping Toronto. We linked up on Instagram. You can find his music on SoundCloud and YouTube. Lately, he's been listening to Drake and Future. He is looking for quality collabs and wants to link up with @lilxelly.
Indyo Chromatic
Tonight, I sat down and talked to Indyo Chromatic. His original artist profile was published in March. Since then, he and I have kept in touch and we talk quite often. This cat is fucking special. And I want to show you guys just how amazing he...
Bath Salt
Tonight's featured band is unlike anything that you have heard before on Nevernaire, and I'm ok with that. Because, I know that you are going to love them. Our feature tonight is Body Salt. They are an Electro Pop duo from San Diego and I am enamored....
Black Bobby
What's up guys? Tonight's featured artist is Black Bobby out of DC. He is an Indie Hip hop artist with a back ground in Political Science, and he is very active in Politics. Black Bobby got his start...
instagram live
Tonight is THE night to be a DJ on Instagram! Instagram Live is blowing up! All of my friends decided to go online at the same time. I made the rounds and landed on @deep2hb's feed because 1. he's my boy and...
Kid Cudi
So guys, Kid Cudi is stepping back on the scene people and in a BIG way! Check out "Leader of the delinquents" and stay tuned for more information about new releases. ALSO, KID CUDI IS RUMORED TO BE TOURING THE US LATER THIS...