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Jae Millie

jae millie
Hey guys, what's up? Tonight's featured artist is Jae Millie. He is an up and coming artist out of Waco, Texas. Jae Millie can be seen collabing regularly with our last featured artist Ken the Rapper...
ken the rapper
What's up guys? Tonight's featured artist is Ken the Rapper. I found Ken's music by accident. Coincidently, I was writing an article about JK1 the Supernova and he worked with Ken the Rapper on his album "The Divine Hand". I wrote up the...
top 5 underground hip hop videos
https://youtu.be/Pc5yY0PHe0U Speech – “Just Too Cold” Ft. Rambo & Danny B. (Video) Speech of Arrested Development has returned with, “Expansion Pt. 1″, marking his first solo release in 14 years. Comprised of four new tracks—along with the visuals for...
amable beats
Hey guys, what's up? Tonight's featured guest is a fellow Floridian - Amable Beats out of Orlando. A dope experimental, Hip hop beat producer. He got into Hip hop young, after discovering a Run DMC tape. That tape sparked a journey of discovering...
Top 5 underground hip hop video releases this week
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cbo88yG-AII G-Mo Skee & Hopsin discuss what it’s like being the “(Non) Essential Rapper” over an Animal Crossing: New Horizons sample accompanied with a music video filmed on the actual video game itself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0YdLUa9Qlk Eastgarden Music presents their...
Naveed Nosrati
Tonight's featured artist is Navid Nosrati. He is an Iranian MC that specializes in freestyle battles. Over the last couple of days, I have been talking to Navid and his story has made quite an impression on me. So, I'm going to share it with you.
Nyke Ness
What's up guys? Tonight's featured guest is Nyke Ness out of Gaithersburg, Maryland. A shy guy growing up, Nyke Ness has come into his own and found his voice in the rap game. NYKE NESS - THE MAN
Adderall2 is a hell of a drug. It's had me in a Kung-Fu, vice grip for over five years and I know that it controls my life. I started this tell-all about this tragic love affair in the first article "The Adderall Chronicles", several months ago.
So, it's 4/20/2020. I hope you have bud. I know I do and I'll be smoking all day today! The man of the hour, or should I say the day today is MF Oblivion! He's got his 420 game on STRONG! Starting today...