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Lawrence Franks aka rapper Huey - who is known for the 2007 track "Pop, lock and drop it" - was reportedly shot and killed in the St. Louis area last night (June 25th). Huey and another male, 21 years...
The latest release from Calboy featuring Von King - "Brand new" video premier. https://youtu.be/I2Wn3TnaH-Y NEVERNAIRE YOUTUBE - INSTAGRAM - FACEBOOKNevernaire Underground Hip hop blog------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Check out the Podcast at https://www.crystallizedbeats.comThe Crystallized Beats app where you can:-read the blog-listen to...
Twisted insane
Tonight's featured artist is Twisted Insane and we check out his video premier for the track "Voodoo 2". This video is kinda crazy and the song is definitely dope. Featuring Dayo G, the duo deliver a creepy and yet catchy song.
Wrekonize - "The Fallen" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsrHCoSDrFU https://open.spotify.com/episode/6rcah3tVFLSgpwO6RiBso9 Wrekonize :The Fallen
kid exotic
Tonight's featured artist is Kid Exotic out of Bourgogne, France. Born in Sweden, he moved to France when his dad was diagnosed with Cancer and has lived there ever since. At just 18 years old, he is already a threat to be recognized!
top five underground releases end of May
Here are your the top five new Underground video releases from last week. Detroit YB - "Jungle/doors" https://youtu.be/c791QeDzRJY Obnoxious - "Jack move" https://youtu.be/hYhsEb-Bk04 Axel...
https://youtu.be/vOC4e0i-Bcg Chorus]Its a friday night and therefore the bass was bumpin the honeyz was rockin the party was jumpin it wasntlong for everyone knew (just blaze) Whats on the b box (Youn Gunz) Travel wit the warmth rockbefore I hit the club...

Jae Millie

jae millie
Hey guys, what's up? Tonight's featured artist is Jae Millie. He is an up and coming artist out of Waco, Texas. Jae Millie can be seen collabing regularly with our last featured artist Ken the Rapper...
waka flocka
Alright, I'll admit it... I have clearly misjudged Waka Flocka in a big way and I am slightly ashamed of myself. This is the second time this year that he has caught my attention. After making some on point comments about Hip hop earlier in the year...