Schoochy Money – A Diamond in the ruff

schoochy money

Tonight’s featured artist is Schoochy Money, representing Detroit. I’m especially excited to introduce you to his music, because he makes his own beats!

I’ve been looking for an artist to feature that makes their own beats. I find it both fascinating and economical (since he doesn’t have to pay for beats). He uses FL Studio now for his beat production, but he used to use N-track mobile studio to make his music back in 2014 when he got started. He says he would like to promote them someday. I think he might just get that chance.

His EP “Blessed not Lucky” is set to come out in April. But, don’t worry because he has plenty of music on YouTube for you to get familiar with his style! I’ve been listening to “Premeditated” all day.

When asked who his favorite singer is he said his girl. I don’t know who she is, but hey maybe I’ll be featuring her soon then. His favorite poet is Edgar Allen Poe. I respect that answer. Poe was an amazing poet.

He’s already on his way up, with quite a few followers on Instagram. He plans to collab with Chief Keef and Gucci Mane someday. Always aim high people and don’t let the dreams you have in your twenties die!

Schoochy Money is headed to the top… keep an eye out on Nevernaire Stomping Ground for updates and his EP coming out in April. Check him out on YouTube and Instagram and remember, SPREAD THE GOOD WORD PEOPLE.

OH! Did I mention dude’s about to be a dad? Send your congrats!


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