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The Nevernaire Blog is now working with Goody’s CBD to keep our readers healthy and happy! I have been using CBD products for a while now and I am a HUGE advocate. I want to spread the word and help other people to find the relief that I have found in CBD.

CBD products are known to alleviate symptoms of many ailments including:
– Nausea and headaches
– Anxiety, panic attacks and depression
– Bipolar disorder
– Epilepsy, seizures and spasms
– Joint pain due to inflammation
(just to name a few)

CBD facts

CBD products can also help with insomnia and appetite. I was struggling with a bout of insomnia that had lasted for months. I was miserable and nothing was helping. I am not ok with taking habit forming, man made drugs to help me sleep (or the terrible feeling that they left me with the next day.) I have been using CBD products to help me sleep and I haven’t had a problem with insomnia in months.

CBD guide

I have been advocating the use of Cannabis in all forms for health benefits for many years. In fact, this week Nevernaire Blog will be incorporating a Podcast called “The Cannabis Crystal Cast”. I am not shy about my use of marijuana or CBD products. I don’t believe that I have anything to be ashamed of or to hide. It’s a plant… it’s a plant that has wonderful health related benefits when used in moderation.

Have you tried CBD products for health reasons? How was your experience?

Are you ready to try CBD products for the health benefits? Check it out! You will be so glad that you did.
Please come back and comment your experiences!


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