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Music: In Debt – Onpointlikeop

Onpointlikeop Comes To Collect On “In Debt”

Onpointlikeop shares a brand new banger.

You can’t deny the excitement that drill’s brought to the rap game since its inception. Though Chicago is its place of origin, it’s expanded well-beyond the Mid-West. Places across the world are tapping into drill but none of them as notable as New York.

Onpointlikeop has been bubbling throughout the East Coast. Each single he releases continues to rattle the underground. This week, he returned with his latest offering, “In Debt.” The rapper tackles eerie production with charisma and animated flows as he details loyalty to his day ones. “I got brothers, I don’t got friends/ Know I got 20 dollars, know he get 10,” he raps on the record.

The latest release from Onpointlikeop follows the release of his collaboration with Dusty Locane, “MOVE DOLEY.”

Peep his new track below.

Quotable Lyrics
Don’t gotta speak, .40 gon’ greet every time we talk
Shit got a bark, love to see it spark
Aim for his chest, nah I can’t miss, hit him in his heart
Ain’t C.O.D but you see right when you spawn

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