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Music: Gates Flow (Dangerous) By Fredo Bang

Fredo Bang Pays Homage To Kevin Gates On “Gates Flow (Dangerous)”

An immediate highlight off of “Murder Made Me.”

Fredo Bang has easily been one of the most promising new voices to emerge from the South in the past two years. Unfortunately, even with the amount of success and recognition he’s received, his career was recently derailed after he was arrested and taken to jail. However, it seems like it could be a minor setback for a big comeback-type of situation since he came through on Friday with his brand new project, Murder Made Me.

Bang’s latest body of work keeps the features to a minimum. However, one of the immediate highlights off of the project is “Gates Flow (Dangerous).” The single samples Gates’ single “Dangerous” as Bang connects the street life and his love life together on this record.

Quotable Lyrics
Yeah, DA probably think that I’m a dirty bitch 
Fuck with me, I murder shit 
Get rich or die tryin’, I’m on that Curtis shit
Draco at the trip, know what I’m workin’ with
Please don’t send no hoe at me, you know I’m quick to curve a bitch

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