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Illa Ghee and Sean Price
Born and raised in Sumnerville aka Sumner Housing Projects in Brooklyn, Illa Ghee has made a transition from slinger to MC and is poised for a silent take over.Check him out below along with Sean Price in the video for their song "The Bryan Song" Featuring Rim. Nevernaire Hiphop Blog Bars on I95 - battle rap Nevernaire Hiphop Blog
In the event that you believed that Machine Gun Kelly was a goner after his quarrel with Eminem, you thought little of the capacity of the Ohio-raised rapper. MGK is having a marquee year in 2019 and it's expected to a limited extent to the reputation he...
video Great! This is just great to see this kind of recognition of this art form!
video The moves have evolved. They have changed. The message remains the same - DANCE IT OUT!
Drake's city of Toronto may have won this year's NBA championship but that doesn't mean he's set to win every other battle that comes his way. Drake and Chris Brown's Indigo collaboration "No Guidance" was a hit from the second it dropped and today they've come through...