International rappers

What's up guys? This week's featured artist is Rubiix - a lovely and talented MC out of the UK. Rubixx has been featured on the blog and the podcast before, but this week I had a chance to sit down and talk to her about her...
The Federation
What's up guys? I am super excited to introduce you to this group! Tonight's featured guests are Mr. C and Neon of The Federation -an incredible, Boom Bap inspired rap duo out of South Africa. I have been listening...
kid exotic
Tonight's featured artist is Kid Exotic out of Bourgogne, France. Born in Sweden, he moved to France when his dad was diagnosed with Cancer and has lived there ever since. At just 18 years old, he is already a threat to be recognized!
Naveed Nosrati
Tonight's featured artist is Navid Nosrati. He is an Iranian MC that specializes in freestyle battles. Over the last couple of days, I have been talking to Navid and his story has made quite an impression on me. So, I'm going to share it with you.
Yung Judg3
Today's featured artist is Yung Judg3 repping Toronto. We linked up on Instagram. You can find his music on SoundCloud and YouTube. Lately, he's been listening to Drake and Future. He is looking for quality collabs and wants to link up with @lilxelly.
J. Estilo
Hey guys what's up? Tonight's featured artist is J. Estilo from La line de la Concepción, located in the province of Cádiz in Spain. This kid's music is straight FIRE! I think you're going to enjoy this profile! J. started listening to rap...
Tonight's International feature is a self proclaimed jokester with a track to prove it. His name is J2tha as in J2thaaaaa. Don't let his follower count scare you off. It's a new Insta and you know as well as I do... you have to start somewhere.
Half White Lies
Tonight, we have a mad man in our midst! Our International feature half white lies from Kotka, Finland and he is a maniacal genius with a super fast flow! The madness His song "Sunrise" is insane! I've been listening...
Formerly known as SC, tonight's featured female artist Rubiix is from the UK. She is fierce! I have had my eye on her Instagram for a couple of weeks and she finally responded to an ad that I placed for ladies night. And I am thrilled!
Tonight's International, featured artist is @kornel.griu. Now, I've been over this before. But, if you're new here I'll point out... i speak VERY LITTLE Russian. Very thankful for Google translate right now! A MODEL RAPPER He is from Chisinau. which is in Moldova....