The Fellas


What's up? Tonight's featured artist is Pruven out of New York. He's an interesting cat for sure. I had the opportunity to interview him on Zoom and he has a lot to say about this virus and the current state of the World.
Hey what's up? Tonight we have a semi-pro in our midst! This kid has his shit together! Our featured artist is King Tragedy from Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA. He got his start rapping when he was fourteen. He's...
Hakeem Paragon
Tonight's featured artist is Hakeem Paragon. He came to me in a dream and asked me to review his music on Instagram. Then around 2pm the next day I realized that I have been sleep texting people in the middle of the night and he was in...
Indyo Chromatic
Dead excited tonight to be writing about someone from my neck of the woods! Our featured artist tonight is Indyo Chromatic out of Worcester, MA! My old Stomping Ground way back in the day when I was a little metal head, going to shows at the Palladium....
Today's featured artists are Blaq N Nappy - and they fit right in here at Nevernaire! Marcus Pearson and Michael Morrissey were metal heads. They were making music together in the genre. After a break from music, the two came back to "dabble their toes" in...


Tonight's featured artist was introduced to me by a coworker and I'm glad I mentioned the blog to her. His name is Saved and he is from Elizabeth, NJ, but he lives in Fort Myers, Florida now (which is where I live now too.)
Champyon Parks
Champyon Parks - The man Champyon Parks is the Vice President of 1070 Entertainent. Born and raised in New Jersey, he started making music at a young age - singing in the boys choir, and then learning piano. He...


The wordsmith
Tonight's featured artist is The Wordsmith. A self proclaimed army brat, he was born in Alabama and raised mostly in Dallas. He first started rapping in grade school, but he really started taking it seriously after stepping into a recording studio in Germany.
Slang Troubadour
Today's featured artist is Slang Troubadour out of Milwaukee, WI. Listen, rest of the country... WI has been repped two nights in a week by some crazy creative, incredible artists. Step it up and DM me your links HERE. The Music
The new release by Mr. Rollsomethin had me wondering... what is da "Grustle"? I'm not as hip as I used to be... But, after listening to the song I realized, it's the struggle, the rat race, the grind if you will... It's a track that you can...