Artists Profiles

Hakeem Paragon
Tonight's featured artist is Hakeem Paragon. He came to me in a dream and asked me to review his music on Instagram. Then around 2pm the next day I realized that I have been sleep texting people in the middle of the night and he was in...
Sista Ella
How smooth is tonight's featured female artist? She's Sade' smooth. Our featured artist tonight is Sista Ella and her version of hip hop is so different from what you're used to seeing from a female hip hop artist. FLAWLESS
Indyo Chromatic
Dead excited tonight to be writing about someone from my neck of the woods! Our featured artist tonight is Indyo Chromatic out of Worcester, MA! My old Stomping Ground way back in the day when I was a little metal head, going to shows at the Palladium....
Deep of 2 hungry bros
Tonight is Producer night on Nevernaire Stomping Ground and I have found yet another KILLER Producer on Instagram. I fucking love Instagram! Our featured artist tonight is Deep of Two Hungry Bros from Manhattan. And he has me thinking I need to kick back with some Netflix...
Today's featured artists are Blaq N Nappy - and they fit right in here at Nevernaire! Marcus Pearson and Michael Morrissey were metal heads. They were making music together in the genre. After a break from music, the two came back to "dabble their toes" in...
Tonight is Ladies night on Nevernaire Stomping Ground and we are featuring Neesh! She's repping Detroit and the fab, full figured ladies of Hip hop. Like me! Ya, by the way fellas, stop assuming I'm a man just because I'm awesome! A...
Half White Lies
Tonight, we have a mad man in our midst! Our International feature halfwhitelies from Kotka, Finland and he is a maniacal genius with a super fast flow! The madness His song "Sunrise" is insane! I've been listening to it...


Tonight's featured artist was introduced to me by a coworker and I'm glad I mentioned the blog to her. His name is Saved and he is from Elizabeth, NJ, but he lives in Fort Myers, Florida now (which is where I live now too.)


Formerly known as SC, tonight's featured female artist Rubiix is from the UK. She is fierce! I have had my eye on her Instagram for a couple of weeks and she finally responded to an ad that I placed for ladies night. And I am thrilled!
beats by esh
Today's feature is a sixteen year old beat Producer from a small village in the Netherlands. Yes, he's sixteen. The youngest featured artist we have had on Nevernaire Stomping Ground blog. And he has earned his spot here. Trust me. His name is...