Bajo El Exilio
What's up guys? You are in for a fucking TREAT tonight! This band has just BLOWN ME AWAY! Tonight is Friday night Hardcore Feature and we are going to be talking about Bajo El Exilio. I haven't fallen in love with a Hardcore band in over a...

Si Vis Pacem

Si Vi Pacem
It's Hardcore Feature Friday and tonight's band does NOT disappoint! They are Si Vis Pacem from Santiago de Chile. I have been trying to get in touch with this band for a couple of weeks about featuring them on the blog and they finally got back...
vida hostil
You're probably wondering... why? Hello and welcome to our first Hardcore Friday feature! And how fitting that it landed on Friday the 13th! I have decided, that as much as I love Hip hop, we need a little variety around here. And I have...