Brazy Luca From Shy Girl to Fly Girl

brazy luca

What’s Brazy Luca been up to?

Hey guys, what’s up? Today I have some updates about the FABULOUS, Brazy Luca. You can view her artist profile HERE.

Brazy has been very busy since we last spoke and I wanted to let you guys know what she has going on right now and what’s coming up.

What’s up?

Brazy Luca has been nominated for four of the Yo ATL Raps awards including:
– Queen of the Stage
– Take off Award
– Music Matter Award
– and Dance Song of the Year for “Freak Like Me”

Her new album “Zoned Out” is going to be coming out this Summer and she wants people to know that she is really putting in the work to make sure that it is something that people really vibe with.

Unapologetic Podcast on Unapologetic Radio

brazy luca

Brazy has a podcast called Unapologetic. She features Indie artists and she is looking to branch out and include actors, wrestlers, anyone that has a cool story to tell.

Are you a make up artist? A dancer, or maybe a fan that wants to be featured on her Instagram, dancing to her music? CLICK HERE to join the Brazy Squad!

What’s Next for Brazy Luca?

Her tour Assylum (dates to be announced) will be kicking off soon!

Look out for “Zoned Out” coming out this Summer and be sure to follow her on SPOTIFY YOUTUBE and INSTAGRAM so that you always know what she is up to!

Shout out to 87 Music Group and all my supporters” from Brazy! <3


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