The insane battle of the Illest Emcees – KRS vs Kane


Big Daddy Kane VS KRS One – Did you catch this epic battle?

The battle between Big Daddy Kane VS KRS One went down last night and what a battle it was!


There were some memorable moments there for sure.

Beginning with Big Daddy Kane stepping out and requesting a moment to honor Biz Markie. That was pretty rad and much needed.

Then, there was KRS One’s breathy delivery. The man is known for his killer come backs and energy on stage, but let’s face it… the Legends are getting up there. I still worship KRS One and the delivery was still on point.

Can I point out how DOPE Kane’s outfit was? All the way up to his rose colored sun glasses!

Big daddy kane vs krs one

So… who took it?

I called it at 5am yesterday morning for Big Daddy Kane and I’m sticking by that. Kane’s delivery was fire. His stage presence was slick and smooth and he just killed it! KRS One will always be a legend to me and I love his style, but I think Kane slayed in that battle.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below…

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